Back in the capital of San Jose, Costa Rica

Yesterday the group made its way from Shiroles to San Jose. The ride should have taken them about 5 hours. Unfortunately, there was a mudslide that blocked the main road back to San Jose and the group was stuck!  They ended up being on the journey for what felt like it was closer to 12 hours! They were able to spend some time in a nature preserve and got to see monkeys and sloths up close! Aaron sent a great shot of a local sloth just hanging around

Today, the group was able to go zip lining through the tree tops. It was much cooler in San Jose than it had been in Shiroles, but a light rain fell during their outing. It still did not dampen their spirits! Just imagine the scene: zip lining through the tree tops among toucans in flight! Talk about an awesome adventure! They also spent some time in the local open air market.

Check out some scenes from the construction site and some of the group walking around the town of Shirloes.

IMG_7824 IMG_7820 IMG_7822 IMG_7818 IMG_7816 IMG_7812 IMG_7810 IMG_7813