Committee Members

Nominating Committee

The Very Rev. Dr. Frieda Malcolm, co-chair    Mrs. Sandra Bjork, co-chair
St. Alban’s, Salisbury                                                          Emmanuel, Chestertown

The Rev. Mark Delcuze                                             The Rev. Daniel Dunlap
Christ Church, Stevensville                                               Old Trinity, Church Creek

The Rev. Patricia Drost                                               The Rev. Clelia Garrity
St. Mark’s, Perryville                                                          Christ Church, St. Michael’s

The Rev. Stephan Klingelhofer                               The Rev. David Michaud
Shrewsbury, Kennedyville                                                 St. Peter’s Salisbury

Mrs. Emily Moody                                                          Mrs. Katie Murphy
Christ Church, Easton                                                        Trinity Cathedral, Easton

Ms. Lori Ramsey                                                             Mrs. Lea Ann Robinson
Christ Church, St. Michaels                                               Christ Church, Easton

Mr. Tom Shuster                                                             Phil Tilghman
St. Paul’s-by-the-Sea, Ocean City                                     St. Philip’s, Quantico

Mr. C. Eddie Vance
Christ Church, Denton

Transition Committee

The Very Rev. Charles Osberger, Co-Chair
Wye Parish, Queenstown and Wye Mills

Mrs. Kathleen Wise-Ridley, Co-Chair
Christ Church, Cambridge

Ms. Heather Calloway Kissam                                 Ms. Nancy Dick
St. Luke’s Church and St. Andrew’s, Sudlersville         Emmanuel, Chestertown

The Rev. Mary Garner                                                  The Rev. Robert Laws
St. Paul’s, Centreville                                                           St. Andrew’s, Princess Anne

Mrs. Bonnie Nordstrom                                              The Very Rev. Gregory Powell
St. Mary the Virgin, Pocomoke City                                 Trinity Cathedral

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