Day 3 in Shiroles


Good Evening! Yesterday was a blessed day for our missionaries. They are active from the time they awake around 6:30 until lights out at 10:30. This morning I heard from the team just after they had finished with their morning devotional time and were heading out for the day's tasks. It rained … [Read more...]

Mission Day 2 in Shiroles


Today was a busy day for our missionaries. Not only did they conduct the Kids Club but the morning was spent digging a trench, laying in plumbing and then filling the trench. And boy, is that hot work! Below you can see some of the sights around Shiroles including the girls bunkhouse, the boys … [Read more...]

Day 1 in Shiroles

Good Morning! I have just heard from the mission team. The group participated in a service last evening with the local people of Shirloes. Everyone had a wonderful time. The people of Shirloes are friendly and welcoming. The mission group is getting accustomed to the noise in the evenings - … [Read more...]

Mission Reaches Shiroles

Good Evening! The members of the Diocese of Easton Mission to Costa Rica left the hostel in San Jose this morning on a five hour bus ride to Shiroles.  They were in town and setting up their mosquito net tents and settling in by 2:00 pm local time. They enjoyed a hearty lunch of beans and … [Read more...]