Letter from Bishop San

First, I want to express my sympathy and solidarity for those who have lost property and for those who have suffered injuries during the tornado, which struck Stevensville.  I want to assure everyone involved in this tragedy of the on-going prayers as the Episcopal Diocese of Easton stands with our … [Read more...]

Stevensville Tornado – A Message from Rev. Mark Delcuze

Beloved in Christ, I am receiving so many kind messages, I wanted to use this forum to update everyone on our status at Christ Church Parish, Kent Island. The F2 Tornado passed about a mile north of Christ Church and Camp Wright at 1:29 am Monday morning. It was on the ground for about 4 … [Read more...]

A final report on the Bishop’s health

Bishop San is home and recovering well from his recent bypass surgery. He will return to the office sometime in August. In the meantime please feel free to contact the diocesan office with any concerns. Letters and well wishes for the Bishop may also be sent to the office and we will deliver them. … [Read more...]

Bishop San Update – Tuesday June 27

Dear Diocesan Family, Thank you to everyone for your prayers for Bishop San's recovery after his successful bypass surgery last week. He is continuing to show great progress and the doctors have scheduled his release from the hospital for later today, Tuesday. He will continue to rest and heal … [Read more...]