Diocesan Council Nominees 2017


Kaitlin Horvath – Camp Wright/Christ Church, Kent Island

Dr. Debra Boender – St. Andrew’s, Princess Anne


Matt D’Amaria – St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, Ocean City

The Rev’d Matthew D’Amario comes to St. Paul’s, by-the Sea in the Southern Convocation from the Church of the Resurrection, Copley Parish, in Joppa, Maryland, where he has served since 2012 as the part-time Priest-in-Charge. A native of Baltimore, Matthew has served at the church of St. John’s in the Village and the Church of the Holy Nativity in Pimlico before his calling at the
Church of the Resurrection. Matthew has been a bi-vocational priest, serving a congregation and as a school teacher teaching religion, philosophy and mathematics for over 18 years. Matthew and his husband Craig moved to the area in August 2016 and are enjoying their lives at St. Paul’s, by-the-Sea. On November 6, 2016, he was installed as the twentieth rector of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea at a Celebration of New Ministry service presided over by Bishop Santosh Marray.

I think everybody has heard me boast that “I have the best job in the world!” I sincerely believe It. I frequently tell the story that I was on the phone with the secretary to the Bishop of Maryland,
Maizie Heil. She asked how I like my new cure. I began to gush. “This place is literally a resurrection story. We reached out to the community and formed new ecumenical relationships in order to find worship space and support for our outreach ministries. We increased our feeding ministry from three days to five days, taking a risk and succeeding beautifully. We have the largest youth group in the diocese: it called the Red Doors…” Her response was “You were going on and on about their commitment to mission and you never
mentioned that you are one block from the beach!” This is exactly how I feel about St. Paul’s, by the Sea and the Diocese of Easton: We are doing exactly what we need to be doing as a vibrant, outwardly focused, mission oriented community of faith. We have mature and reasonable leadership who deliberate with intelligence, wisdom, and charity and handle the property of the congregation and diocese with the gravity that it deserves. We are a happy, functional, loving congregation and diocese.

Rachel Field – Retreat House, Hillsboro

I am delighted to be back in my home Diocese of Easton after completing seminary in Connecticut and working for a parish in Rhode Island. While at St. Mary’s in Portsmouth RI I worked as an Assistant Rector and was responsible for Christian Formation and Pastoral Care. Currently I am serving as the Assistant to the Director at The Retreat House in Hillsboro (Middle convocation) where I am developing programs alongside of the Director Francie Thayer to bring the Good News of the Gospel alive for all persons on the Eastern Shore.

Jesus calls us to bold lives of service to all of our neighbors, and my background in environmental studies, which I completed here amid the salt marshes and sloping fields of corn and soy, reminds me that Creation is one of our closest neighbors and sacred to God. I believe that the Holy Spirit has called the Retreat House and the Diocese of Easton into a deeply loving and supportive relationship with all of Creation, and that we can model that relationship of love and service to Creation for the National Church.

Jack Mason – St. Paul’s, Trappe

I have been in this diocese for seventeen years. I was ordained a deacon in 2004 and a priest in 2011. I have served as Deacon/Pastor and then as Rector of St. Paul’s, Vienna, and as of 2013 as Rector of St. Paul’s, Trappe. While at St. Paul’s, Vienna we built a parish hall that is not only used by the people of the church, but the community. My wife and I have two children and four grandchildren. We live in Easton, Md. and have been very active in the community. I was on Diocesan Council some years ago and would like to serve again. I began my work history in education and counseling and journeyed on in life to prepare for ordained ministry. My wife Frances and I were key to the starting of Light House Shelter for the homeless in Annapolis. I believe that in serving others we are serving Christ.

The following were elected during convocation meetings and will need to be confirmed during convention:

Northern – Clergy: Pat Drost – St. Mark’s, Perryville

Middle – Lay: Suzanne Beyda – Old Wye, Wye Mills

Southern – Lay: Tom Shuster – St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, Ocean City