Election Message from Your Bishop

‘Set Your Hope on Christ’
Ephesians 1: 12

My beloved in Christ,

We, as a nation, are emerging from a rather unusually lengthy and demanding presidential campaign. It’s obvious that this campaign has tested our physical, moral, emotional, psychological and spiritual resolve. I am certain many share my conviction in thanking God that it is finally over. However, from all reports and personal observation many will concur that it has left us somewhat bruised and battered, even to the extent of testing the endurance of long established relationships.

The Church summons us to a season of healing and reconciliation calling on believers to live out their baptismal covenant in respecting the dignity of every person, and love everyone in the spirit of Christ our Lord.  Episcopalians are distinguished by their love for Jesus and robust witness of his love and concern for all. In this season when many look toward the Church for comfort and consolation I urge you to be the light of Christ that shines on a hill. The inner spirit that holds us up and measures the depths our soul reminds us that God is navigating the course of our nation’s life. God is doing so by safeguarding the past, sustaining the present and securely preserving the future of this beloved nation we are blessed to call our native land and cherished home.

No matter the standard by which we choose to evaluate where we as a nation now stand after months of grueling political rhetoric, we have always been and remain people of hope, resurrection and new beginnings. We are living with a Savior whom scripture invites us ‘to set our hope on’.  Today, we once again salute the resilience of the American spirit to endure such demanding events and outcomes even when they favor some and depress others. Our democracy is forever tested, but its enduring legacy of people’s participation and civility to accept the outcome is what distinguishes us as a unique nation.

I invite and encourage our churches to pray for our new President-elect, Mr. Donald J. Trump and his family, as well as President Barak H. Obama and his family as they prepare to transition out of office, and to continually pray for God’s love to be known and revered throughout this nation.

May God bless us all and God bless our nation!

The Right Rev. Santosh K. Marray, DMin; DD
XI Bishop of Easton

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