General Convention Deputies 2017


Suzanne Beyda – Old Wye, Wye Mills

Alisha King – St. Alban’s, Salisbury

I am a member of and currently serve as junior warden at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Salisbury, in the Southern Convocation. Since joining St. Alban’s, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Worship Leader, Eucharistic Minister, vestry member, and alternate delegate to the 2017 Convention of the Diocese of Easton. I also served as a chalice bearer during the Investiture of Bishop Santosh. In recent years, I received the blessing of being able to spend a few Saturdays on Assateague Island with some of the kids from AGAPE.
I was raised in the United Methodist Church, in South Carolina. In 2006 I joined the Episcopal Church and was confirmed by Bishop Jones at St. Paul’s on-the-Hill in Winchester, Virginia. I moved to the Eastern Shore from the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, 3 years ago. My family includes: my partner of over 20 years, Gail; our two Welsh terriers, Ian and Finn; and two cats, Joey and Smudgy.
During my years in the Diocese of Virginia, I served in leadership positions at both the parish and diocesan levels. Parish – member of vestry, senior warden, junior warden, Eucharistic Minister, lector, member of altar guild, treasurer, and chairperson of the parish search committee. Diocesan – President of Region XIV (Shenandoah Valley), 2010 – Member of Resolution R14 task group to “recommend consistent standards to be written into diocesan canons so that, if services of blessing same gender unions are authorized, our clergy and laity have a clearly understood and enforceable set of rules to guide the application of clergy discretion in providing pastoral care to same-gender couples seeking such blessings.” 2011 -Title IV Canons – Disciplinary Board member, 2011 – Resolution R10A Task Force on Giving
We are all charged to keep the promise of the Baptismal Covenant “to strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.” As part of the Jesus Movement, I have to seek out those folks who feel they have no voice and make sure that they know that God loves them and so do I. Most days that looks a lot like – going to Assateague with some kids who’ve never been to the beach, volunteering at a food bank, listening to someone that wants to be heard, or picking up trash. At St. Alban’s, we do that by making it a safe and welcoming place for all people and we work to be good stewards of this planet.

Nancy Linck – St. Alban’s, Salisbury

Kelley Malone – Trinity Cathedral, Easton

Sue Moore – Trinity Cathedral, Easton

Jane MorganSt. Paul’s, Vienna/St. Mary’s Tyaskin

I worship at St. Paul’s, Vienna and St. Mary’s, Tyaskin. That puts me and my husband the Rev. Dennis Morgan in both the Middle and Southern Convocations. I share with others in our small congregations the duties of Lay Eucharistic Minister, Sunday School Teacher, Altar Guild, coffee hour prep, and bulletin proofreader and stapler.

General Convention is the governing body of the Episcopal Church. Therefore, having dialogue with the diocese, the Province and the The Episcopal Church are important. To that end, for over 10 years I have been a volunteer receptionist at Bray House in Easton. I have also served as a representative to Province 3, and as a General Convention Deputy. I believe that our deputation would benefit from having representation from very small parishes as well as medium and larger parishes.

I was at General Convention 2015 when the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry was elected as the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. He speaks often of the “Jesus Movement.” This is interpreted differently by each traveler. For me, the importance of Jesus’ movement is his moving within my soul.

I serve on the Advisory Board of the Retreat House in Hillsboro, and recently committed to volunteering there one day a week. When I am there, I sometimes feel a serenity and sometimes I feel a great call to action. What else could this be but the movement of Jesus?

Kathleen Wise Ridley – Christ Church, Cambridge

As a member of Great Choptank Parish, Christ Episcopal Church, Cambridge, in the Middle Convocation, I have served in many roles – both in my own church and in positions in the Diocese of Easton. I have loved opportunities to be a Eucharistic Minister and Worship Leader, a member of a shared-leadership Bible Study group, a delegate to Diocesan Convention, a Vestry member, Senior Warden, and part of our parish Search Committee. In the diocese, I have been a Deputy to three General Conventions, served on the Standing Committee, the Commission on Ministry, the Youth Task Force, as a Consultant to churches for Mutual Ministry Reviews and Search Committees, and most recently as the Co-Chair of the Transition Committee for the election of Bishop Marray.

I have been a clinical social worker for over 50 years, working as a family therapist, and before retiring, as the program administrator for home visiting and school based heath prevention programs. After being a widow for 16 years, I remarried eight years ago, and my husband, Doug Ridley, and I are enjoying shared family events with children and grandchildren, travel opportunities, and participating together in church and community activities.
As the chair of our Stewardship Committee, I have been inviting parishioners to share each Sunday where they have seen God’s grace at work, believing that as we recognize and practice expressing gratitude for God’s work in our lives we become more generous in sharing – both our financial resources and our faith stories. As we learn to do this at church, we become better able to be part of the Jesus Movement, sharing a way of love that is not self-centered, but other directed. Throughout my professional life, and personally, I have been concerned with loving and liberating individuals whose circumstances have brought them to me. I continue to try, within the parish, and through work on various diocesan committees, to grow and be part of communities that share the life-giving love of Jesus Christ with one another, and ultimately with the world outside of our faith communities. I have just agreed to chair our new Christ Church Outreach Committee and look forward to involving other parishioners, especially our recent teen confirmands, in growing partnerships with our Homeless Shelter, with a local elementary school, and with other area ministries.

Tom Shuster – St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, Ocean City
Eddie Vance – Christ Church, Denton

I seek to serve God and The Church as a member of the deputation from the Diocese of Easton to the 79th General Convention, 5 July – 13 July, 2018, in Austin, TX.

My current service at Christ Church, Denton, includes Vestry, choir, lector, Eucharistic Minister, Worship Leader, Eucharistic Visitor, delegate to diocesan convention, and Senior Warden.
For the diocese, I serve on Diocesan Council, Nominating Committee (Chair), Province III Council, General Convention Deputation (Chair), Eastern Maryland Chapter of Integrity (Convener), and I was a member of the Search & Nomination Committee for the XI Bishop of Easton.

The Episcopal variety of the Jesus Movement, in Denton, and throughout this diocese, is about inviting, welcoming, receiving, and full inclusion, for any & all of God’s beloved, as they are, whomever they may be, and however & wherever they may find themselves. The Episcopal Church is positioned uniquely to offer such an unfettered invitation & welcome, and our mission as Anglican Christians is to live ever more fully into our unique understanding of the loving Ministry of Jesus the Christ. This is happening in Denton, and my prayer is that the same is true for all of Easton’s 38 congregations! Amen!


Patrick Collins – All Faith Chapel, Tunis Mills/Bray House

See Provincial Synod for bio

Kevin Cross – Trinity, Oxford

I would like to serve as one of your deputies to the 2018 General continuing the work that began when I served for the first time at the 2015 Convention. In 2015, I was privileged to serve on one of the key convention committees. This experience was invaluable in developing my understanding of the polity of committee work and of conducting convention business. I was privileged to coauthor and successfully present two resolutions for adoption at that convention.
I am an enthusiastic disciple of the “Jesus Movement.” I enthusiastically embrace my responsibility as a priest to teach, model, and inspire the love and mercy of Jesus in my congregation, diocese, and communities near and far. The Church of the Holy Trinity has become known as a community that welcomes and supports everyone in their spiritual journey. Our communal life is squarely centered around our Christian faith and growing together to act boldly as followers the Jesus Movement in all we say and do. Jesus came to change the world. As members of the Jesus Movement we are the change agents he commissioned to carry out His mission.

I have served as rector of The Church of the Holy Trinity, Oxford since March of 2010. Prior to moving to the Eastern Shore with my wife Barbara, I was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada. My experience serving in another diocese and another part of the Anglican communion has brought a richness to my appreciation of our faith tradition. In the six years I have served at the Church of the Holy Trinity, we have become a vibrant parish which has witnessed continual growth spiritually, numerically, and financially in new and exciting ways each year.
Pastoral work has always been at the core of my vocations and it along with strong leadership skills are leading strengths of my ministry. Prior to following this calling I worked for over 25 years as a senior executive in Fortune 100 financial companies focusing on human resource and merger/acquisition work. My experience also includes work in chaplaincy and psychotherapy.
At the diocesan level, I have served as a member and leader of numerous diocesan task forces and committees including Diocesan Council, the Commission on Ministry, the Bishop’s Listening Committee, and for the past year as president of the Standing Committee. As a founding member of the Diocesan Youth committee I worked to establish our diocesan Youth Missioner position. I founded the diocesan Recovery Ministry committee and served for two years as President of the national Board of Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church. I have also been a guest lecturer at General Theological School and national conferences on Youth, Addiction and Spirituality. Currently in addition to my parish diocesan work, I serve on the board of Talbot Hospice and on the chaplaincy staff of the National Cathedral.

Matt D’AmariaSt. Paul’s, by-the Sea

The Rev’d Matthew D’Amario comes to St. Paul’s, by-the Sea in the Southern Convocation from the Church of the Resurrection, Copley Parish, in Joppa, Maryland, where he has served since 2012 as the part-time Priest-in-Charge. A native of Baltimore, Matthew has served at the church of St. John’s in the Village and the Church of the Holy Nativity in Pimlico before his calling at the
Church of the Resurrection. Matthew has been a bi-vocational priest, serving a congregation and as a school teacher teaching religion, philosophy and mathematics for over 18 years. Matthew and his husband Craig moved to the area in August 2016 and are enjoying their lives at St. Paul’s, by-the-Sea. On November 6, 2016, he was installed as the twentieth rector of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea at a Celebration of New Ministry service presided over by Bishop Santosh Marray.

I think everybody has heard me boast that “I have the best job in the world!” I sincerely believe It. I frequently tell the story that I was on the phone with the secretary to the Bishop of Maryland,
Maizie Heil. She asked how I like my new cure. I began to gush. “This place is literally a resurrection story. We reached out to the community and formed new ecumenical relationships in order to find worship space and support for our outreach ministries. We increased our feeding ministry from three days to five days, taking a risk and succeeding beautifully. We have the largest youth group in the diocese: it called the Red Doors…” Her response was “You were going on and on about their commitment to mission and you never
mentioned that you are one block from the beach!” This is exactly how I feel about St. Paul’s, by the Sea and the Diocese of Easton: We are doing exactly what we need to be doing as a vibrant, outwardly focused, mission oriented community of faith. We have mature and reasonable leadership who deliberate with intelligence, wisdom, and charity and handle the property of the congregation and diocese with the gravity that it deserves. We are a happy, functional, loving congregation and diocese.

Dan Dunlap – Holy Trinity, Church Creek

Rachel Field – Retreat House, Hillsboro

I am delighted to be back in my home Diocese of Easton after completing seminary in Connecticut and working for a parish in Rhode Island. While at St. Mary’s in Portsmouth RI I worked as an Assistant Rector and was responsible for Christian Formation and Pastoral Care. Currently I am serving as the Assistant to the Director at The Retreat House in Hillsboro (Middle convocation) where I am developing programs alongside of the Director Francie Thayer to bring the Good News of the Gospel alive for all persons on the Eastern Shore. Jesus calls us to bold lives of service to all of our neighbors, and my background in environmental studies, which I completed here amid the salt marshes and sloping fields of corn and soy, reminds me that Creation is one of our closest neighbors and sacred to God. I believe that the Holy Spirit has called the Retreat House and the Diocese of Easton into a deeply loving and supportive relationship with all of Creation, and that we can model that relationship of love and service to Creation for the National Church.

Frieda Malcolm – St. Alban’s, Salisbury

Biographical Information: Diocesan Council, 2016-present; Dean, Southern Convocation, 2007-present; Member, Commission on Ministry, 2011-17. Co-Chair, Nominating Committee for Bishop XI, 2015-16; Chair, Personnel & Compensation Committee, ended 2016. Deputy to General Convention ’06, ’09, ’12,

Committee, ended 2016. Deputy to General Convention ’06, ’09, ’12, First Alternate ’15. DMin in Educational Leadership at VTS, 2014. Vice-President of Diocesan Council ’03-05, Standing Committee ’06-09. Chaplain at Camp Agape ’08 and ’09; volunteer at Camp Coast Care 2007.

My involvement with the Jesus Movement is primarily as the rector of St. Alban’s, Salisbury and as a member of the Department of Missions. We strive to proclaim the Gospel, nurture those coming to faith and growing in faith, tend the needy, transform the unjust systems of our church and society, and treasure the whole of God’s creation (the Five Marks of Mission). St. Alban’s is especially concerned with the Fifth Mark of Mission, treasuring God’s creation, and we continue to work on proclaiming to the larger community God’s call for us to care deeply, rather than dominate, the earth. I participated in the Chapman Dialogues on the Environment in the fall of 2016, and St. Alban’s has joined the People’s Climate Movement with my urging. Last summer the Wicomico County Cluster, primarily with volunteers and children from St. Alban’s and St. Peter’s, hosted a Vacation Bible School in addition to its traditional ‘Green Hill Sunday’ joint service in August. I volunteer in a pre-Kindergarten classroom on a weekly basis and participated as a community member in Salisbury University’s ‘Race and Identity in United States’ course last fall.
As a disciple of Jesus it has been my privilege to serve God at various levels in the Church and in the wider community. I would be honored to serve at the General Convention again.

Josh Messick – St. Mary’s, Pocomoke

I’ve been the Priest-in-Charge at St. Mary’s, Pocomoke for just over a year now, but I came out of St. Andrew’s in Hurlock. My only claim to fame is that I helped start their wonderful feeding ministry before I left for seminary and it’s shaped my life and oriented my heart towards Christian service. I graduated from SU and then went to seminary at VTS before accepting a job at a church in Mississippi. I had mixed feelings about leaving the Shore, because I’d never lived anywhere else, but I felt very strongly about following God’s call in my life and that call pulled me to work with this congregation. So I moved, married a beautiful girl from Arkansas, got a dog, delivered twelve puppies in our bedroom (long story), kept one, and then found myself in a position to come home. My boss in Mississippi retired before I’d been there a full year so I became the only priest in a large and vibrant congregation. That was a great experience, but as a curate I wasn’t allowed to stay on as their rector. So after about a year of working in that capacity I accepted the call to be with the people of St. Mary’s. Jordan, the dogs, and I packed up and the prodigal son returned home. My family has lived on the Shore since the 1660’s and I love this place very deeply. I would be honored to represent my home to the wider church and hope that you trust me to represent us well.

David Michaud – St. Peter’s, Salisbury

Rector at St. Peter’s since May 2013; previously Rector St. Andrew’s Princess Anne; ordained in the Diocese of Easton 2007. Previous positions: Co-Chair, Diocesan Discernment Committee; Vice President, Diocesan Council; Chair, Diocesan Grants Committee; Member of: Bishop Search Committee, Camp Wright Committee, Nominating Committee, Disciplinary Board. First time Deputy to General Convention 2015. Married to Kelli with two grown daughters, Erin and Maggie.

Even though I have only been a Deputy for one General Convention, I have been involved with the General Convention Secretariat since 2006 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the workings of General Convention and the legislative process that would be beneficial to the Diocese of Easton. As Assistant Secretary for Digital Systems for the General Convention I was instrumental in converting the 2015 Convention into a paperless convention with the introduction of the Virtual Binder, which has now been adopted as standard practice for future conventions. This development is allowing greater and more efficient access to information and better sharing and communication in the entire church and it will be expanded at the upcoming convention to be available to anyone on line as well.

I have been involved in the Jesus movement at St. Peter’s through encouraging greater evangelism, fellowship, care, and mission outreach to thrive in the parish — and we are seeing positive growth in numbers and ministries as a result. At the diocesan level I have been a leader in our discernment process and the 10 recommendations from this process are our challenge and hope to bring positive change and growth to the Diocese. I would be honored to represent the Diocese of Easton as Deputy to Convention where I could participate and support the revival of the church under our Presiding Bishop and bring to convention my talents and experience for the benefit of our Episcopal Church.

Charlie Osberger – Wye Parish, Wye Mills

It has been my privilege to serve six General Conventions of our Church, appointed to several legislative committees, most recently vice-chair of the Legislative Committee on World Missions. If I were to be elected, our deputation would be represented by senior deputies of both the clergy and lay orders. I believe the Five Marks of Mission inspire and call us to a holistic view of the Jesus Movement, the decisions of Wye Parish to adopt and fund renewable sources of energy (geothermal systems) for the Old Wye (1721) and Parish House speak to the fifth mark: a congregation’s sustainable care of Creation. Wye Parish links with community ministries such as Haven Ministries, meeting the needs of persons seeking transitional housing through loving service, the third mark and we rejoice to grow through the spiritual formation of Kergyma, reading and interpreting the Bible as a whole, teaching and nurturing all believers, the second mark. I believe evangelism is at the heart of mission, the first mark and joyfully describe myself as a pastor and a preacher with the hear of an evangelist. I am the Dean of the Middle Convocation, member of the Board of Camp Wright and Rector of Wye Parish.

Greg Powell – Trinity Cathedral, Easton

I am in my 9th year as Dean and Rector of Trinity Cathedral. I’m serving in my 18th year as a priest in the diocese. It is again a privilege to have my name put forward as a nominee to be a Deputy to General Convention. Representing the Diocese of Easton at General Convention twice before, I can say the experience is meaningful to me because: (1) It binds me in affection and mission with other brothers and sisters “in Christ” from the diocese and especially with the Bishop which serves me in my role as Dean of the Cathedral, (2) it enables me to renew relationships across the Episcopal Church that in turn provides me the opportunity to listen and learn what is happening in the larger Church, and (3) I have been told that third time deputies to General Convention are often assigned work on a committee. That would be a new experience for me and one I would welcome. I do not love the Church politics/bureaucracy as some do; but I love community, the company of committed persons on a spiritual journey, and General Convention has its place in that journey.