Diocesan Convention will gather on February 22 – 23 at the Hyatt  in Cambridge, Md.

It is the responsibility of delegates, alternates, and clergy to read the resolutions ahead of time and be prepared to vote on them during the business session on Friday, Feb. 22. All resolutions were discussed at the two sessions of Pre-Convention meetings, with the exception of resolution 10, which was submitted after the deadline.

Resolutions to change Diocesan Constitution and Canons

Resolution 1- Constitution Article XI (Board of Managers) – Passed

Resolution 2- Canon 504.022 (Parish designated as a Mission) – Passed

Resolution 3- Canon 504.091 (Merging of Missions) – Passed

Resolution 4- Canon 606 (Committee on Listening) – Passed

Resolution 5- Canon 607 (Policy on Same-Gender Blessings) – Failed

Explanation Letter from Committee on Constitution & Canons

Con-Can Resolutions ALL 2013

Resolutions with Debate

Resolution 6-Stewardship – Passed

Resolution 7-AnnaAlexander – Passed

Resolution 8-Corporation – Passed

Resolution 9-Tubman – Passed

Resolution 10 – Revised- Firearms – Substitute Passed