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Imago Dei: Diversity Awareness Commission

Invitation:  The 150th Diocesan Convention of the Diocese of Easton held in February, 2018, tasked the bishop to create a Commission on Racial Reconciliation. As bishop, it is my feeling that the work of the commission needs to be more comprehensive and broad, but based in this mandate. Furthermore, the issue of diversity awareness across the spectrum of human sensibility needs to be addressed in an intentional, reconciliatory and loving manner. Diversity awareness is about expanding the tent to go beyond racial reconciliation to include the whole notion of our createdness in God. Each of us is made in the image and likeness of God (imago Dei) despite race, color, class, creed, gender orientation, ability and disability, economic state in life or nationality.

My theology on orthodoxy is that ever since creation God has shown God self to be the God of order and not chaos. In fact, God’s most impressive and prefect creation is that of diversity. As such it is my personal reflection and humble conviction and noted by some renowned theologians that diversity is orthodoxy.

To this end, I am inviting interested and knowledgeable individuals to volunteer their time and talent to be members of this commission. If you are interested please submit your name to the Diocese by calling Lynn Anstatt at Bray House 410-822-1919 or email

The Rt. Rev. Santosh K. Marray
XI Bishop of the Diocese of Easton


Jim Block – Emmanuel – Chestertown

Paul Carrow, Christ Church – Easton

MaryJo DeMatteis – Old Wye – Wye Mills

Penni Walker Doyle – Trinity Cathedral

Jim Kamihachi – St. Mark’s – Perryville

Alisha King – St. Alban’s – Salisbury

Beth Mathis – Trinity Cathedral

Chris Sabas – St. Alban’s – Salisbury

Marguerite (Peggy) Samuels – Shrewsbury – Kennedyville