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Strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.
– Our Baptismal Covenant


 *For volunteers, a fee of $12/background check will be billed to the Parish/Organization. More extensive background checks for staff, interns, or other specialized positions are also available for $39 (billed to the Parish/Organization). Results are usually returned to the Diocese within 24 hours of e-release submission via a secure website. Should any results return as flagged a call will be made to the respective rector/director/head of organization. All names, regardless of flagged status, will be posted to the list of names. For more information on background checks please contact the office.

**The Diocese has run an online background check on this list of names (since 2016). List does not include reports and may include people whose reports were flagged. The office will notify the rector or head of the organization (via confidential phone call) to notify them of any reports returned with a red flag. Rectors or the head of an organization may also contact the office to confirm the status of a report.




This September will mark the Safeguarding renewal date for many in our Diocese.  We have also been receiving requests for guidance on safeguarding those who have never received training. This letter is intended to address all questions around Safeguarding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the bottom of this letter is the text found on pages 6-7 of the current Diocese of Easton Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse.  The parts in red are the revisions or additions that will apply during the current Pandemic time and likely remain until the release of new policies/training in 2022 (to match the National Church’s updated policies from the last General Convention).   

The revisions essentially outline how to complete Safeguarding training for those NEW to our policies or who are up for RENEWAL. The list of those trained and the date of their training can be accessed by clicking here. 

  1. Those who are NEW are any persons who have not taken the Safeguarding God’s Children course in the Diocese of Easton since the diocesan policies were released in September of 2017. These persons must:
    1. Register and take the Praesidium Online Courses designated for newcomers AND
    2. Complete a page-by-page review of the policy manual.
      1. Those up for RENEWAL are those who took the course after September 2017 and for whom it has been 3 years. These persons must
        1. Register and take the Praesidium Online Courses designated for renewals AND
        2. Complete a page-by-page review of the policy manual.


      PART A:  Praesidium Online Training Courses

      • To Register and take Praesidium Online Courses you will need to do the following:  
      • The Courses you will need to take are as follows (click here for course descriptions)
        • Newcomers must take (at minimum): 
          • Abuse Prevention Refresher
          • Keeping Your Church Safe
          • Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith – for Ministries
          • Duty To Report Mandated Reporter
          • Social Media Safety. 
        • Renewals must take (at minimum):
          • Abuse Prevention Refresher
          • Social Media Safety

      PART B: Policy Manual Review

      To Complete the page-by-page review of the policy manual you will need to do ONE of the following:

      • Schedule a virtual meeting with your Rector/Priest-in-Charge (or certified trainer) for a page-by-page review of the policy manual. OR
      • Wait until October, when a page-by-page review of the policy manual will be added as a course on the Praesidium Training page (we are still investigating this option). OR
      • Join Patrick Collins & Joanne Fisher on a Zoom review of the policy manual on September 1st at 7:00pm. Register by clicking here.


      1. Once you have completed the page-by-page review please be sure to have the Rector/Priest-in-Charge or certified trainer who reviewed it with you send an email to so that we can ensure your name is added to the list. We will need your full name, church/organization affiliation, and date of review.
      2. Thank you all for continuing to support our work in creating safe and welcoming environments for all people in our churches and organizations. We acknowledge that this work is expanding and evolving and we are looking forward to engaging in the review and recrafting of our policies and training to include a much broader scope of awareness.  You can begin that work on your own by taking additional training courses on Praesidium (beyond those required).  Additionally, we are looking for potential volunteers to assist with the revisioning process that will begin in 2021.  Please contact if you would like to add your name to the list of those interested.



      Almighty God, heavenly Father, you have blessed us with the joy and care of children: Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up, that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer 829)

      Safeguarding God’s Children is a nationally recognized program for the prevention of child sexual abuse in the church and in the home. It was developed by Church Pension Group and Praesidium Religious Services. The Diocese of Easton offers training modules and online courses in this program to fulfill the Diocesan Policy requirements for the protection of children and youth from abuse. In addition to Safeguarding God’s Children we also offer modules for the protection of ALL of God’s children, for the prevention adults from abuse.
      Safeguarding God’s Children is the program which all clergy, lay staff and volunteers who minister to and work with children and youth must take. All lay people, including church employees, licensed Eucharistic ministers and Eucharistic visitors, vestries, and lay people who come in contact with and work with children and youth must complete this training.
      Safeguarding God’s Children provides participants with the information they need to protect the children they know and care for in their personal lives and in the ministries in which they serve. The program is based on the philosophy that if every adult can protect just one child, they will forever change one life. If we can all change one life, together we will make a difference in this generation of children.