Convocation Discernment Meetings

The Diocesan Discernment Committee hosted three convocation meetings. The purpose of these meetings was both 1) to provide information about the process of discerning our way forward as a Diocese and 2) to begin gathering information from all the parishes and programs in the Diocese about who we are as a Diocese and who we are called to be. Read More »

Bishop Parsley’s Pastoral Letter

Below you will find a link to Bishop Parsley’s pastoral letter from Sunday, September 21. The letter contains information about the discernment process and the importance of working to make the Diocese of Easton a thriving place. Read More »

Diocese’s Week in Crisfield II

The city of Crisfield and Somerset County still need our help to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. The Long Term Recovery Committee has accomplished many rebuilds, new builds and needed repairs, but there is much more to do. Read More »

Fire at St. Paul’s, Hebron

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There was a devastating fire at St. Paul’s, Hebron this on July 22. Emergency crews from many different stations around the area came together to put out the fire. The roof collapsed and most of the building was destroyed. Read More »