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Diocesan Prayer List

August 22,2023

Over the summer, we ask for continued prayers for those in need:

We continue to pray for a full and speedy recovery for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry – and for Curry’s medical team.

We pray for continued healing and comfort for the following people and their families: for Lynn Anstatt. Geovanni Ayon, Carolyn Lee Crouse. John Friel. Doug Girardeau. Jamie Goodman. Babs Glancey. The Rev. Jim Kamihachi & Weasie Kamihachi. The Rev. Ron Knapp. The Rev. Pat Kuhns. The Rev. Jack Mason. Tom Mendenhall. The Rev. Susan Oldfather. The Rev. Peggy Samuels. Jeffrey Simms. Danielle Simms. Goldey Vansant.

We pray for the people of Maui, their families and all those lost in the wake of the wildfires. We pray for the first responders and relief workers for strength in their courageous work. We pray you bring them all hope and peace with whatever lies ahead.


Compassionate God, we lift up to You the victims of the Hawaiian wildfires. We pray for the dead and dying, and for those who are desperately trying to reconnect with their families. We pray for all the people of Maui, for Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, and for those whose names are known to You alone. Draw near, Lord God, in this time of sorrow and anguish; comfort those who mourn, strengthen those who are weary, encourage those in despair, and lead every one of Your beloved children to fullness of life and eternity in Your loving embrace; through the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen

Based on a prayer from ERD


Submit prayer requests to: Names are listed for four weeks unless otherwise specified.