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The canons of the Episcopal Church call the church (parishes and dioceses) to encourage, nurture and support all to discover and develop their ministries – ordained, licensed or lay.

While some are called to ordained ministries, all who are baptized share the fundamental ministry of the laity “to represent Christ and his church” (BCP, 855).  The canons further state that the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry “shall provide encouragement, training and necessary resources to assist each congregation in developing an ongoing process of community discernment” (III.3.1).

We invite you to explore these resources to discern your Christian call. Simply put, to help you figure out why God made you who you are, and what God wants you to do with your life.

Checklists and Forms (updated July 2021):

Forms should be sent to the Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray, Bishop.