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Board of Managers

Established on March 31, 2010, the Easton Episcopal Fund of the Diocese of Easton is an investment fund available to parishes and other diocesan entities. Under the direction of the Board of Managers this fund provides professionally-managed, cost-efficient and risk-controlled investment that allows its investors to focus on their primary missions of worship, outreach, and maintenance of the parish and the diocese. You can view their website here: The Bishop serves as Chair to the Board of Managers.

Al Smith – Vice Chair
Richard Wright (2020)
Ron Geesey (2020)
Nancy Robson (2019)
Alan Griffith (2019)
Fred Welsh (2018)
Ray Munsch (2018)
Chris Maxwell – Fund Admin
Mary Cain – Assistant Fund Admin
Debbie Dragone – Dept. of Finance for Diocese
Charlie Bohn – Treasurer of the Diocese
Ernie Cornbrooks, Esq. – Chancellor