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Direct Repair Program – Church Insurance / Alacrity

FAQ – Church Insurance Company – Direct Repair Program (DRP)

Church Insurance Company decided to start a Direct Repair Program (DRP).
Industry research shows customers want fewer people involved in their claims. At the same time
claims are increasing in complexity. In a survey conducted almost 100% of our insureds were in
favor of a Direct Repair Program. A DRP reduces the number of people involved in the claim
while at the same time provides additional resources for complex claims.


How have claims grown in complexity?
There are a multitude of reasons including regulatory changes related to codes, safety,
environment and historical preservation. In addition, changes in construction techniques and
building components. Restoration of these losses requires a high level of expertise, time and

What will be the role of Alacrity Services?
Most insurance companies now work with third party administrators (TPA’s) like Alacrity
Services. These TPA’s help manage repairs on covered insurance losses. They provide
24lTdispatch of fully insured qualified vendor for emergency services. Also fully insured
qualified General Contractors to complete repairs. TPA’s ensure compliance to program
requirements, pricing and warranties.

The DRP eases the difficulty of obtaining qualified contractors.
Feedback from church leadership describes the very difficult task of identifying, selecting and
managing the various contractors required to complete the restoration work. Unfortunately, we
have heard from congregations who have been impacted financially or otherwise disappointed as
to the quality, lack of completion and I or pricing of the contractors selected.

How will Alacrity Services affect the relationship with our Claims Team?
We feel working with Alacrity Services will strengthen the relationship. Our claims team will
still be responsible to ensure claims are fully investigated. They will also continue to provide a
full coverage review and analysis. Alacrity Services will be another tool to assist congregations
quickly recover from unforeseen covered catastrophic property losses. As always, CIC claims
adjusters remain the point of contact for resolution including applying deductibles and making

Why was Alacrity Services chosen?
Along with their dispatch capabilities since 1999 they have been a leader in providing managed
repair options for Insurance Companies. There is additional complexity in restorations projects
involving Churches. Some of them involve working on structures listed on the historical register.
They provide a network of qualified contractors with the required expertise to handle complex
restoration projects.

Satisfaction of work completed will be monitored by Alacrity and CIC.
The goal for this program is a.high level of satisfaction with the overall claims experience. A
performance measure of program contractors will be customer satisfaction including
responsiveness. Their expertise is Insurance restoration, so we expect all interaction will be
positive and handle congregation’s needs. Alacrity Services also provides claim professionals
with a platform to communicate and document any concerns you bring forward.