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The Difference Course Initiative

The Diversity Awareness Commission is partnering in the Difference movement founded out of England by Archbishop Justin Welby and RLN (Reconciling Leaders Network). We are inviting parishes across the Diocese to engage in the movement.  Click the button to the left if you are interested in hearing more or hosting the 5-week course in your parish or community.  We look forward to chatting with you!

About the Diversity Awareness Commission

Bishop Santosh Murray created the Diocese of Easton’s Diversity Awareness Commission in 2018 to identify ways for the Diocese of Easton to address “…the issue of diversity awareness across the spectrum of human sensibility…in an intentional, reconciliatory and loving manner” to include racial reconciliation and the awareness of suffering caused by economic, education and social class differences, gender identity, and physical or intellectual differences. The Commission’s vision is celebrating the diversity of God’s image in us and all Creation and advocating for the right of each person to be fully human. Our mission is to serve as a Diocesan resource and focal point for diversity awareness learning and experiential opportunities.

Commission Members:

  • Jim Block – Emmanuel – Chestertown
  • Paul Carrow, Christ Church – Easton
  • Jim Kamihachi – St. Mark’s – Perryville
  • Nivek Johnson – Chestertown
  • Kevin Cross – Holy Trinity – Oxford
  • Vic Evans – St. Alban’s – Salisbury
  • Chris Sabas – St. Andrew’s – Princess Anne
  • Peggy Samuels – Shrewsbury – Kennedyville

When God formed the universe out of the cosmic dust, God’s image became manifest in all creation, including humankind, the flora and fauna and other forms of life, and the fragile earth. The mystery and glory of God surrounds us, if we choose to see it. And when we see that image of God in all of its perfection and diversity, we cannot help but love it.

Jim Kamihachi

Chairperson, Diversity Awareness Commission