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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee’s principal ministry is to be a council of advice for the bishop. There are six members, all elected at-large at the annual Convention. In the event there is no bishop, the Standing Committee becomes the ecclesiastical authority. Among its other ministries is to assure a candidate for holy orders has fully met all the canonical requirements, to give or withhold approval for transfer of real property by congregations, and to consent or not to the elections of bishops in all other dioceses of The Episcopal Church.

       Membership List:

  • Ms. Alisha King (2020)
  • The Rev. Stephan Kingelhofer (2020)
  • The Rev. Mary Garner (2021)
  • Ms. Nancy Dick (2021)
  • The Rev. Mark Delcuze (2022)
  • Mr. John Dragone (2022)