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Condolences and Prayers

The Diocese of Easton joins with all those across the nation in praying for the twenty-six (26) Christians victims who lost their lives and others injured by this tragic and senseless shooting of church members and fellow Christians attending First Baptist Church,...

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Pete Stanton Update

September 15, 2017 - Update from Barbara Stanton - Thanks for your prayers! The doctor in the ICU after Pete's brain injury on 5/2/17 told us recovery would be a marathon. And it has been! Pete had a large right parietal stroke in 2009 with multiple deficits from...

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Betty Nelson

Mrs. Betty B. Nelson died on Saturday, September 9, at the age of 93. Betty was well known in the Diocese of Easton as a pioneer. She was the first female attorney to practice law in Dorchester County. She was also the first woman to serve on the Vestry and then as...

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