Update on Bishop San

Dear Diocesan Family, Last evening, Bishop San was transferred to the Cardiac Care Unit at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  He is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow, although a specific time has yet to be determined. He is in good spirits - talking up the Episcopal Church and our … [Read more...]

Important Notice About Our Bishop

Dear Diocesan Family, Last evening (Sunday June 18th) Bishop San felt uncomfortable and went to the Emergency Room.  He was admitted to the hospital for cardiac observation and testing.  That testing revealed a need for surgery and San is being transferred to a hospital in Baltimore … [Read more...]

Bishop’s Blog – Prayer – Part II

How Shall We Pray? Many people earnestly want to pray but they don’t know how. Many others who have been praying for years want to know how to pray better; they know they have not found the full power and joy of a prayer life. “How” is one of the neglected words in many of our churches. We … [Read more...]

Cluster Gatherings – BBQ & Brainstorm

Interested in helping your "cluster" catch a vision for what's next? Join us at the BBQ & Brainstorm in your local Convocation. Convocation = our diocese has three regions (north, middle, and south) that we call "Convocations" Clusters = each of our convocations also includes "clusters" of … [Read more...]