Caregivers Support Group

CAREGIVERS MEETING: Are you a caregiver, have you been a caregiver, is it likely you will be a caregiver, or know someone who needs support who is a caregiver? Our informal group meets on the first Monday of the month, 9:30 AM in Lea Library at Christ Church, St. Michaels. It is a time to share with … [Read more...]

Foundations of Faith Class at Christ Church, St. Michaels

THURSDAY MORNING CLASS: Foundations of Faith is a series of independent sessions that look at the basic roots of our received Anglican/Episcopal variety of the Christian faith. We will use primarily historical, literary and theological lenses, but always consider how we as a 21st Century community … [Read more...]

Advent Lessons and Carols at Christ Church, St. Michaels

Please join us for an evening of Advent Lessons & Carols on December 4 at 5:00 pm. … [Read more...]

Healing Service at Christ Church, St. Michael’s

On the first Wednesday of every month Christ Church offers a Healing Service beginning at 12:10 PM. This service is a time for people to come together and offer prayers for the nation, the world and the community, and to receive healing prayer for themselves and their family and friends. Please join … [Read more...]