Team Returns Home Today


The team had to rise early today to make their morning flight - as in 3:30 am! The flight leaves at 7:30 am (Costa Rica time) and should arrive in Atlanta around 1:00 (Atlanta time). The flight # 1442 is scheduled to arrive at Dulles International around 6:40. I received a picture of some of the … [Read more...]

Mission Day 2 in Shiroles


Today was a busy day for our missionaries. Not only did they conduct the Kids Club but the morning was spent digging a trench, laying in plumbing and then filling the trench. And boy, is that hot work! Below you can see some of the sights around Shiroles including the girls bunkhouse, the boys … [Read more...]

The Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray

The Rt. Rev. Santosh K. Marray, 58, serves as the Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Alabama, a diocese of 90 congregations, campus ministries, and Camp McDowell. As bishop he shares collaborative and collegial ministry with the bishop, and diocesan staff and leadership. He was Bishop Assisting of … [Read more...]

Election of 11th Bishop


Results of third ballot: 51 voting clergy and 88 lay delegates Brian Grantz: 20 clergy, 19 lay Santosh Marray: 31 clergy, 69 lay Santosh Marray is elected Results of the second ballot: 52 voting clergy and 88 lay delegates Kathryn Andonia 2 clergy, 3 lay Brian Grantz 18 clergy, 41 … [Read more...]