For Parishes

Here’s where you’ll find information about administrative matters (e.g., finance, diocesan-wide governance, statistics, supply clergy) and ministry support and development (continuing education, vocational discernment, and prayer cycles).

For assistance with by-law revisions, please contact: the Rev. Nathaniel W. Pierce, Chair of the Constitution and Canons Committee (

Financial Guidelines and Resources:

These guidelines are essential to smooth administration in your parish. They point you to the standard practices expected in all our churches, without exception. Questions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the folks who assist the diocesan community in financial and administrative matters.

For budgets and apportionment information, please contact: Finance Administrator, Art Kendall (

For the Diocesan Budget, please contact:
Treasurer, Charles Bohn (
Dept. of Finance Chair, Debra Dragone (

For Parish Investments: 
Easton Episcopal Funds