Cluster Gatherings – BBQ & Brainstorm

Interested in helping your "cluster" catch a vision for what's next? Join us at the BBQ & Brainstorm in your local Convocation. Convocation = our diocese has three regions (north, middle, and south) that we call "Convocations" Clusters = each of our convocations also includes "clusters" of … [Read more...]

Bishop’s Blog – Prayer – Part I


Episcopal Diocese of Easton Prayer Centered Church + Mission–Shaped Diocese The 149th Annual Diocesan Convention has adopted the recommendation from the Bishop’s Convention Address to be characterized as ‘A Prayer Centered Church and Mission-Shaped Diocese’. It has committed to re-emerge as a … [Read more...]


Refugee Relief Pic - Aida May 2017 article - for Web

By Kevin Cross, Church of the Holy Trinity, Oxford The Church of the Holy Trinity, Oxford and All Faith Parish, Tunis Mills have been supporting a remarkable ministry to the refugees from Syria.  Aida Tressell is a local Syrian woman who felt called to help her people who have fled to Greece to … [Read more...]

Bishop’s Blog – Ascension: A Brief Season to Embrace a Glorious Message

Ascension Day traditionally falls forty days after the resurrection and ten days before the Feast of Pentecost which will be celebrated this Sunday, June 4. The significance of the Ascension is that it underlines the exaltation of Jesus and is a fitting conclusion to his ministry. Also, it … [Read more...]