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Diocesan Convention 2017 – Recap

“We are a mission shaped Diocese and a prayer-centered Church!”
The 149th Convention of the Diocese of Easton took place in late February of 2017, the first Convention since the arrival of our 11th Bishop, Santosh Marray.  The Convention was marked by hope, enthusiasm, and the sharing of ideas as we follow God’s call to be missionaries at home and beyond.  Want a recap?  Click through the links below:

Standing Committee:
Alisha King (Lay)
Stephan Klingelhofer (Clergy)

Diocesan Council:
Kaitlin Horvath (Lay)
Rachel Field (Clergy)

Board of Managers:
Richard Wright
Ron Geesy

Province III Synod
Joanne Fisher (Lay)
Alisha King (Lay)
Patrick Collins (Clergy)
Craig Jackson (Lay)
Nathaniel Pierce (Clergy)

General Convention Deputies
Eddie Vance (Lay)
Jane Morgan (Lay)
Alisha King (Lay)
Tom Shuster (Lay)
Kevin Cross (Clergy)
Charlie Osberger (Clergy)
Rachel Field (Clergy)
Frieda Malcolm (Clergy)
1. Suzanne Beyda (Lay)
2. Kathleen Wise Ridley (Lay)
3. Susan Bohaker (Lay)
4. Nancy Linck (Lay)
1. Patrick Collins (Clergy)
2. Josh Messick (Clergy)
3. Greg Powell (Clergy)
4. David Michaud (Clergy)

Logo & Seal Slides
Bishop’s Address Slides
Treasurers Slides
Budget Slides
Pictures from the Bishop (Shown During Break)
Board of Managers Slides
Bishop’s Day Two Slides

Celtic Mission Wheel