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Diocesan Convention 2022

154th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Easton

God’s Church in Renaissance / Revival

(Nehemiah 8:10; Matthew 16:18)

Saturday, March 5th, 2022


The Episcopal Church of the Eastern Shore of Maryland gathers once a year to govern the parishes that make up the Diocese of Easton. We worship, we celebrate, we listen, we speak, we debate, and we vote. It is an important event with much work that needs to be done. It is also where the Bishop makes his annual address. Diocesan Convention is a balance between being the church and dreaming the church, and there is a time and place for both.

Each church in the Diocese selects delegates and alternates to represent them, along with clergy, on behalf of their parish. Delegates and canonically resident clergy are authorized to vote.  All these individuals participated in the 2022 Convention via zoom meeting.  Others were invited to watch the livestream on the Episcopal Diocese of Easton Facebook page as non-voting guests.


View the Bishop’s Address on our Youtube Channel.

Read the Bishop’s Address.

Chat Responses to the Bishop’s Question regarding Church Presence & Relevance (CPR)

The Bishop’s Address Committee presented the following Resolutions regarding the Bishop’s Address.  Approved.


View the 154th Diocesan Convention AGENDA.
View the Consent Agenda.
Voting on the first ballot, including the Rules of Order, was done via Election Buddy. We used zoom polling during Convention for all additional ballots and votes.
View the Budget
View the Apportionments.
The following Rules of Order for a Virtual Convention and the Special Rules of Order for Resolution One (regarding the proposed Constitutions and Canons) were passed by Diocesan Council on January 24th and are on the 1st Ballot (now open for electronic vote on Election Buddy). You may review them by clicking below.
View the Special Rules of Order for Resolution One
RESOLUTION ONE – Constitutions and Canons

Quick Link to Resolution One on the Proposed Revisions to the Constitutions and Canons.

    View the submitted resolutions along with the recommendations of the Resolution and Debate Committee and their status as passed/failed by clicking here.
      • Resolution #2 – Thanksgiving for the UTO: THIS RESOLUTION WAS APPROVED. 
      • Resolution #3 – Thanksgiving for St. Paul’s, Spring Hill Parish (Hebron): THIS RESOLUTION WAS APPROVED.
      • Resolution #4 – Task Force to Study our Declining ASA: A Substitute Resolution was Submitted: THE RESOLUTION WAS DISAPPROVED.
      • Resolution #5 – Report from the Diocesan Financial Sustainability Task Force: THIS RESOLUTION WAS APPROVED.
      • Resolution #6 – Amend Canon III.7.4(c) pertaining to Deacons: A Substitute Resolution was Approved. THE SUBSTITUTE RESOLUTION WAS APPROVED.
      • Resolution #7 – Resolution on Mutual Ministry Reflection: THIS RESOLUTION WAS WITHDRAWN.

    Registrar of Convention (one year term nominated by the Bishop):  Rev. Patrick Collins

    Treasurer of Convention (one year term nominated by the Bishop):  Charlie Bohn

    Diocesan Council (3 year term of service)

    • Lay Representative from the Northern Convocation – Penny Walker Doyle
    • Lay Representative from the Middle Convocation – Gordon Fronk
    • Clergy Representative from the Southern Convocation – Rev. Michael Lokey
    • Clergy At Large – Rev. Marguerite “Peggy” Samuels
    • Lay At Large to elect –  Flo Adams

    Standing Committee (3 year term of service)

    • Clergy – Rev. David Michaud
    • Lay – Diane Freestate

    Board of Managers of Trust Funds (3 year term of service)

    • Debra Dragone
    • Diane M. Robinson
    ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS OF NOTE from Recent, Previous Conventions
    A series of Discernment Resolutions created following a two-year Diocesan Discernment (2014-2015); Our Identity, Vocation & Vision (2017); ParousiaDiocesan Vision approved at Diocesan Convention 2019.