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The Episcopal Church of the Eastern Shore of Maryland gathers once a year to govern the parishes that make up the Diocese of Easton. We worship, we celebrate, we listen, we speak, we debate, and we vote. It is an important event with much work that needs to be done. It is also where the Bishop makes his annual address. Diocesan Convention is a balance between being the church and dreaming the church, and there is a time and place for both.

Each church in the Diocese selects delegates and alternates to represent them, along with clergy, on behalf of their parish. Delegates and canonically resident clergy are authorized to vote.  All these individuals participated in the 2023 Convention at St. Peter’s in Salisbury on March 4th.  Others were invited to watch the livestream on the Episcopal Diocese of Easton Facebook page or on the broadcast website as non-voting guests.

Convention Donations Supported Our Food Pantries!

Read Article:  Meeting Food Needs on the Shore 

Watch the Full Convention:

The Pre-Convention Eucharist was recorded and is viewable on St. Peter’s  YouTube Channel. Follow along with the Service Order.
The Convention was recorded and is available to watch on the Episcopal Diocese of Easton Facebook page or on the broadcast website.

2023 Journal

Read the Journal of the 2023 Convention of the Diocese of Easton.

Video Reports from our Ministry Partners:

Latino / Hispanic Ministries

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The Retreat House

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The Board of Managers

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[excerpt] Last year, 2022 was the most difficult year in the history of the Easton Episcopal Fund. Our return of -15.85% was absolutely and relatively speaking below our aspirations, and no better than mediocre, as we ranked in the middle third of the comparable universe of balanced mutual funds.

The year started on a sour note as the fund and the market experienced weakness.  The weakness accelerated in the second quarter as we fell another 13%.  Both the 1st and 2nd quarters experienced a significant decline in technology securities, which spilled over to the total fund.

The Easton Episcopal Fund is an actively managed index fund. Your Board of Managers (BOM) makes measured moves around our various indices, but we limit our deviation from the index weighting as a matter of policy.  During the year, we lowered our stock exposure, but with technology stocks still representing more than 20% of the index, we were facing a fearsome headwind… Continue Reading…

Children’s Home Foundation

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Bishop’s Institute

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Diversity Awareness Commission

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Church Initiatives Grants

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For More Info Email Your Representative:
Middle Convocation: Email Charlotte Meyer
Northern Convocation: Email Nicholas Sichangi
Southern Convocation: Email Anne Collins

Officers Elected at the 155th Convention:

View Submitted Photos & Bios

Diocesan Council

Clergy At Large:
Rev’d Nicholas Sichangi

Lay At Large:
Chrissy Aull

Clergy, Northern Convocation
Rev. Deacon Jim Kamihachi

Lay, Middle Convocation
Granville Blades

Lay, Southern Convocation
Kay Ferraro

Standing Committee

Rev. Steve Mosher

James Cockey

Provincial Synod Deputies

Clergy (Convention voted that two clergy would represent them to the Province, one voting)
Rev. Mary Friel (voting)
Very Rev. Mark S. Delcuze

Two Lay to elect
Eddie Vance
Sandy Bjork

Board of Managers

Tom Mendenhall
William Shettle


General Convention Deputies
(Next GC – 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky)

Clergy Deputies
1. The Rev. Mary Friel
2. The Ven. Laura Harbaugh
3. The Rev. Susan Leight
4. The Very Rev. Mark Delcuze

Clergy Alternates
5. The Rev. Steven Mosher
6. The Rev. Nathaniel Pierce
7. The Rev. Stephan Klingelhofer
8. The Rev. Patrick Collins

Lay Deputies
1. Sandra Bjork
2. Tom Shuster
3. Eddie Vance
4. John Dragone

Lay Alternates
5. Susan Moore
6. Noelle Fillion-Powell
7. Colleen Minahan
8. Nancy Linck

Constitution & Canons / Resolutions / Resolutions with Debate

Resolutions Committee:

  • Gordon Fronk (Chair)
  • Mike Lokey
  • John Rue
  • Debra Dragone

Additional Information pertaining to the Constitution & Canons:

Our Revised and Restated Constitution and Canons are now in effect.
Approved First Reading: March 5, 2022
Approved Second Reading: March 4, 2023
Took Effect: March 5, 2023