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Pursuant to the decision of 151st Diocesan Convention on the Bishop’s Address, the Diocesan Financial Sustainability Task Force has been appointed to conduct an assessment of the diocesan financial reality and how best we could be more efficiently organized in our financial stewardship.. The membership includes a broad cross- section of  skills, gifts, experience, history and training available in our diocese.

Raymond G. Wasdyke        (Christ Church, St. Michael)

Allan Griffith                        (St. Paul, Centreville)

Tom Mendenhall                 (Christ Church, St. Michael)                                            

Myron Richardson              (St. Paul, Centreville)

Caroline Brooks                   (St. Andrew, Princess Anne)

The Rev. Kevin Cross           (Holy Trinity, Oxford)                                                       

Kirk Wade                             (Shrewsbury Parish)

Ron Geesey                           (All Hallows, Snow Hill)

Debra Dragon                       (St.Clement’s, Massey)

William Bill Manley              (Christ Church, Easton)