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Diocesan Youth Taskforce

The Diocese of Easton Youth Taskforce is comprised of at least two youth from each Parish in the Diocese as selected by the Parish. It is requested that selected youth be in High School (grade 9-12), however middle school students (grade 7-8) may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the DYT may add “at-large” members. These members are youth who may not have been appointed by a specific parish but are chosen by the Committee to serve as an additional representative on the Taskforce. Selected Youth serve on the DYT for a term of 2 years.
The purpose of DYT:
•    Further develop the gifts and leadership skills of youth.
•    Improve communication between the parishes of the Diocese of Easton.
•    Assist and lead ministry efforts with and to the (young) Church of the Diocese.
•    Foster in youth a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ and the greater church community.

DYT provides different services to the youth ministry community. Emphasis will be placed on tasks which reach out to Episcopal youth, encourage faith development among young people, and serve the community – which includes involvement in annual events such as Camp Wright Weekend and Summer Missions.]

The next DYT will begin at the Diocesan Convention in February. Please submit names and email addresses (please include parent emails) to by January 15th.