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How to prepare for the storm

Hurricane Sandy may provide: severe wind gusts, downed trees, power outages, flooding, road closures and other potentially dangerous conditions. All Marylanders need to be prepared and have plans in place to ensure the safety of their families. Here are some tips:

Plan Ahead

Home emergency supplies
·         Water – one gallon per person per day
·         Food supplies
·         Non electric can opener
·         Portable battery powered radio
·         Additional batteries

Make a plan for your family
·         Child care
·         Elder Care
·         Pet care- food, a crate to carry pet (if possible)

Make plans to check on the elderly and disabled in your neighborhood

If you need to evacuate – have a plan in place
·         Have a full tank of gas in your truck or car
·         Have road maps – you may be on unfamiliar roads
·         If separated from your family, have a pre-arranged meeting place
·         If possible, have a place to evacuate to, i.e. – relative or friends
·         Pre-plan several evacuation routes – the main route may be blocked or flooded

Have an emergency supply kit to take with you, to include:

·         Clothing
·         Important papers and phone numbers
·         Non perishable food
·         Additional water

During a storm:

• Stay tuned to radio and televisions for official weather information and local directions
• Follow instructions given by local and state emergency officials
• Turn your refrigerator to the maximum cold setting – this will help keep your food cold longer if there is a power failure
• Fill bathtub and other containers with additional water

Listed below are tips and resources that you can use to be prepared.

Plan ahead:

After the Hurricane: