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Peru Mission Trip

2019 MISSION: Iquitos, Peru

June 22nd—July 1st, 2019
(dates subject to change by 1 day on either end, dependent on flight fees, this will be determined in February)
REGISTRATION OPEN – Deadline to Register Extended through March 5th

Schedule an Info Meeting for Your Church or Group:
Or simply for more information for yourself.
Call Joanne Fisher at 410-822-1919 or email

In Partnership with YWAM Iquitos (Youth with A Mission)

We plan to serve through:
– construction
– sports ministry
– children’s & women’s ministry
– teaching
– & more…


We are so excited for the door God has opened for our community to embark on another mission trip – this year to Iquitos, Peru. God calls everyone to be a “missionary” in some way, shape, or form. Whether that means sponsoring someone to go, offering support in prayer, or being the one to go and do… we’re all in this together. Mission trips give us the opportunity to give back to God’s people and to make Him known to those who aren’t familiar with Him. A special part of missions that we tend to not think about is what God gives back to us through the people we serve. We invest so much into giving and being a blessing, yet at the end of our mission we find that we actually feel like WE’RE the ones who were blessed by the experience. Being a missionary, no matter which role you play, is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. So join us in Peru! Be the change in the world that you want to see!

Next Summer our diocese will have the opportunity to minister to the people of the Amazon.  Setting out from our home base in Iquitos, we will spend many days in villages along the river:

“Serving the people of a river village is a blessing in more ways than you can imagine. Upon arrival you are immediately welcomed with overjoyed smiles and loving embraces, as if you were a member of the family they haven’t seen in a while. You live together, eat together, play together, and work together each day. Conversations are  marked by sincerity and wonder as you exchange names and answer questions. It is during these conversations  with new friends that  “God moments” occur – where it feels natural to share the love of God & the light of Jesus. It is also in these conversations that we find ourselves learning how to love bigger & shine brighter in response to the people’s passion for life. Don’t miss an opportunity to transform lives and to be transformed yourself. Find your role in missions, and pursue it with the heart and passion God instilled within you.”


Once you’re committed to going to Peru you are also committed to the mission team. This means you will be expected to attend the team meeting on May 18th 9am-4pm at Old Wye Parish. This is a crucial time for learning how to work as a team. Not only is full participation key for team building stateside, but it is also important to be fully engaged and active during our mission trip. Our field ministry will be from sun up to sun down, followed by evening team time. We will have some free time each day to relax and debrief.


In Peru we will meet amazing people who live in a place and culture different than our own. We will work alongside them on projects that their community has chosen as priorities. These will likely include working with children, construction projects, and possible clean water/health initiatives.


The overall cost of the mission trip is $2,225. Each team member is responsible for paying a $125 non-refundable deposit at registration. Each team member will be expected to raise the additional funds through team fundraisers, out-of-pocket, and sponsorships. The first $825 is due March 15th, the second $700 is due May 1st, and the final $700 is due by departure. A good amount of your funding will come from the team’s organized fundraiser – The Amazing Race – on the first Sunday of June in Easton, MD (June 2nd). Information on additional fundraising ideas is available here. You will be able to make a sponsorship page when you register.


According to the center of disease control, it is required that all persons traveling to Peru receive the yellow fever vaccination. It is recommended that you take malaria tablets but this is not required.


It is important that while in Peru we dress modestly to respect their culture. This means the ladies will wear modest shorts, skirts, blouses, and dresses while the men will wear pants/shorts & shirts. Men are expected to wear nice shirts, pants, a tie, and shoes to church services. When in the river villages everyone will wear pants, shirts, and boots. When swimming, girls must wear a shirt and shorts over their swimsuits. Check out our complete list of WHAT TO BRING


We will be flying from Maryland/DC (airport TBD) to Lima, Peru and then to Iquitos, Peru. When we travel to/from river villages we will go by riverboat. All other transportation will be by bus or foot.


While in Iquitos we will be staying at the YWAM base where we will sleep in rooms with bunk beds according to gender. In river villages we will sleep in individual jungle hammocks.


While in Peru our meals will be provided by YWAM Iquitos— included in overall trip fees. We might have a chance to go get ice cream or go to a restaurant—cost not included so you must pay for these extras. YWAM Iquitos will also provide us plenty of clean, purified water everyday.


6:00—WAKE UP & eat breakfast
6:30– Morning Devotionals
7:30– Begin Mission Work!
11:30– Lunchtime
12:30– Continue Ministry
2:30– Afternoon Break/Snack
3:00– Continue Ministry
7:30-Evening Team Time
9:00-Get ready for bed
10:00-Hit the sheets (or rock the hammock)

* A few days will be spent in the city of Iquitos where the setting will be a bit more relaxed. The rest of our days will be spent in river villages where our schedule will be longer and a bit more demanding.
** We will have a free day during our mission trip to relax and enjoy Peru.

View the video from our 2012 Mission to Iquitos – our 2019 trip will return to the river villages.