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My beloved in Christ,

I want to take this opportunity to inform you after much reflection, prayer and in the interest to raising up new leadership in the diocese, I have in conformity with Canon 501.05 (051 & .063) appointed the Reverend Frank St. Amour, Rector of St. Paul’s Parish, Chestertown, as Dean of the Northern Convocation effective November 08, 2022. The Reverend Henry Sabetti has been a faithful and loyal servant to the Diocese in carrying out his duties as Dean for nearly 10 years. His tenure as dean has been longer than many elected bishops of the diocese over its 155 years.

I have been in communication with Rev. Henry over this decision and with gratitude for his decade long service to the Northern Convocation and diocese.

Henry has seen and been involved in many transformational ministries in the Northern Convocation and diocese over these years. One of the major accomplishments in the Northern Convocation under Rev. Sabetti’s tenure, was the establishment of La Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia de Jesus Mission of Shrewsbury Parish and the Diocese of Easton. On a more personal note, I am extremely grateful and humbled by his unwavering loyalty, commitment, support, execution and advice on the diocesan vision, Parousia. Henry has been and will continue to be an integral part of the diocesan resurrection, revitalization and renaissance that has been witnessed over the past five years. After these many years of service as Dean, I believe it is time to give Henry a break from these additional duties and allow him time to recharge himself for the next challenge the Lord may put before him. We continue to hold our brother Henry in prayers. The next time you see Henry, please take the opportunity to thank him for his service and devotion.

In the same spirit, it allows the diocese the opportunity to call another clergy colleague to use their God given gifts in service to the wider diocesan family. Historically, the church is known to be stronger, more robust, resilient and empowered when the wisdom and expertise of everyone is given a chance to manifest in the church and wider episcopal community. We welcome the Rev. Frank St. Amour into service as Dean in the Northern Convocation.

Frank was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Llandaff, Church of Wales on June 30th, 1984. Over his 38 years of ordained ministry, Frank has served in the Church of Wales, United Kingdom, Dioceses of New Jersey, Bethlehem PA, Fort Worth, Texas, Southwest Florida, Chicago IL, New York, Maryland, Military Chaplain and Dean of the Woodbury Deanery, Diocese of New Jersey prior his call as Rector, St. Paul’s Parish, Chestertown.

It is my conviction that Frank is called, equipped and experienced to lead the Northern Convocation in the next phase of its ministry and missional life.

I invite your prayers and support for our brother Frank, the Northern Convocation and Diocese of Easton.

Every blessing!

Bishop San
XI Bishop