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Full Set of Godly Play Materials Available: Christ Church Parish, Kent Island is Spring cleaning and they have a large set of the GODLY PLAY materials that many Episcopal Churches use for their Sunday school. If you know of anyone/church that might want the set – they are looking to pass it on. Contact Cara Fehrenbacher.

The Church of the Holy Trinity Book Discussion Group – Tattoos on the Heart
This group will meet on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm from April 5 – May 3rd. Fr Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest who had been called to work with a part of society that to most of us seems unredeemable – gangs. Fr Boyle founded Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, which has grown to become the largest gang-intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world. Father Boyle witnessed the devastating impact of gang violence on his community during the so-called “decade of death” that began in the late 1980s and peaked at 1,000 gang-related killings in 1992. Since then he has changed the world by helping thousands of young people reinvent their lives based on his conviction that in all of us there is good that can be reignited in lives that seem lost. We will discuss his first book, Tattoos on the Heart, and watch some videos of his talks. . Please call the office or email to join. Paperback copies of the book are available at books stores and online retailers. This will be a Zoom based study.
Christ Church Kent Island – New Book Discussion: Searching for Sunday Join us on Wednesday, April 27 and May 11, in person or by Zoom, as we discuss Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. In this easy-to-read memoir, Evans shares her personal struggle to understand the Church and to find her place in it. 
Using seven sacraments, Evans emphasizes the importance of each one and explains how the sacraments invited her “to touch, smell, taste, hear, and see God in the stuff of everyday life again.” 
In describing the relationship of the Church to the sacraments, Evans explains that the Church: tells us we are beloved (baptism); tells us we are broken (confession); tells us we are commissioned (holy orders); feeds us (communion); welcomes us (confirmation); anoints us (anointing of the sick); and unites us (marriage). 
In discussing each of the sacraments, Evans shares stories that have been described as “funny, heartbreaking, and sharply honest.” She makes connections between the ancient stories and rituals and her life in the 21st century, and will help us do the same. Please contact Brenda Faulkner ( for more information and to register.

Christ Church Kent Island – Pipes, Pedals, & Pizza Attention all piano students in grades 6-12: The Annapolis AGO (American Guild of Organists) invites you to learn about the pipe organ by visiting the Naval Academy Chapel on Monday, May 9th at 5 p.m. At your visit you will get a personal tour of the five manual console and the opportunity to participate in an “organ crawl” where you will explore the thousands of pipes that make up the organ up close. Finally, students will be invited to play a piece that they have learned on the piano on this magnificent organ! This tour is led by Naval Academy Organist Monte Maxwell. After the tour, the group will walk to a local restaurant for pizza! This is a fantastic opportunity for all young pianists. Students are asked to be accompanied by an adult; there is no fee for the tour but the group will split the cost of pizza. Please contact Gary Van Essen ( for more information and to register.

St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, Ocean City – Our April Book is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom which we will discuss on Monday, April 24 at 7pm via Zoom. It is an autobiographical memoir by Corrie Ten Boom, a devoutly religious woman who lived in the Holland city of Haarlem during the Nazi occupation. Compelled by her unshakeable Christian morality, she defied tyranny to rescue her Jewish neighbors who faced annihilation during the Holocaust. She was ultimately caught and sent to the notorious Ravensbruck death camp, where she witnessed scenes of unimaginable cruelty. In the camp, it was Corrie’s bedrock faith in the glory of God that sustained her. She discovered that love was a far more powerful force than hate—for God’s love was truly unconquerable. Anyone who enjoys reading is welcome to join our group. Contact Debbie Shuster or Jody Farley.

A story from St. Luke’s Parish, Church Hill – Bob Gallion, a member of St. Luke’s Parish, recently wrote an essay, “Bricks and Mortar” which he shared from the pulpit and had published in the Star Democrat.  The Star Democrat website is; type “Bricks and Mortar” in the search bar. Enjoy Bob’s perspective on the richness of being a member of a faith community. 

St. Alban’s, Salisbury – Labyrinth returns to St. Alban’s courtyard as a challenging respite (By Jeremy Cox) One of Salisbury’s hidden gems has returned. Read article here.

Ukrainian colors on St. Paul’s by the Sea, Ocean City – Showing support with yellow and blue at our front doors. The lights on the Fellowship Commons balcony are also yellow and blue. On Sunday, March 20th, our organist Shirley Hailey played the Ukrainian national anthem at the beginning of our Holy Eucharist service. We are keeping the Ukrainians in our thoughts and prayers.

Trinity Cathedral, Easton World Peace Prayer hour continues. Trinity opens its sanctuary to the public from 3 to 4 pm every day except Sunday. Trinity Cathedral invites people of all denominations and faiths to stop by, light a candle and sit in silent prayer on behalf of world peace for however long you can, even if only 10 minutes.