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The Diocese of Easton sends heartfelt condolences to the families of those who mourn the loss of loved one in this senseless act of unimaginable violence toward God’s innocent children in Las Vegas this past Sunday. We pray for those injured and their full recovery, the victims who died in the attack, and pray that they rest in peace. Also, we remember the first responders, law enforcement personnel, doctors, nurses and all other medical personnel, the leadership of the city of Las Vegas and clergy offering counsel and comfort to grieving families, friends and loved ones. The Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Nevada, The Right Rev. Dan Edwards and his diocese, that our sister diocese will be strengthened and supported by God’s Spirit as they respond to this tragedy.

Let us Pray,
God our comforter, you are a refuge and a strength for us, a helper close at hand in times of distress. Help us so to hear the words of our faith that our fear is dispelled, Our loneliness eased and our hope reawakened, May your Holy Spirit lift us above our natural sorrow, to the peace and light of your constant love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(New Zealand Prayer Book # 828)