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Children’s Home Foundation Gets a Summerfest Boost

Recently, Christ Church Denton hosted a barbeque picnic to honor recent CHF recipients.  Those students and their families who attended were gracious in their appreciation and parishioners were excited to meet and interact with them. 

This year, Christ Church Denton decided that all funds raised at the Church’s Summerfest booth would be donated to The Children’s Home Foundation.  The net profit raised for this worthy cause was $655.  The CHF has a long history of serving the 9 counties of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Originally organized in 1871, to address the need to provide a home-like environment for orphans, the Episcopal Diocese of Easton opened an orphanage in Easton.  Although the original orphanage was a home to14 children, a new home was later built to accommodate more children, and that remained in use until 1958.  

As other agencies became available to address the issue of children without their parents, the Diocese decided to sell the orphanage and commit all funds from that sale to continue to help the people of the Eastern Shore.  Hence, the CHF scholarship program was initiated.  Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors seeking a specific certification, or a two-year diploma (in the case of nursing, a 3-year scholarship can be earned).  A unique advantage of the CHF scholarship program is that it also applies to non-traditional students who are past high school age and interested in earning a two-year degree (or nursing degree) or, pursuing’s a specific certification.   Also unique to CHF is that they provide summer camperships for children.

Those interested in learning more about The Children’s Home Foundation can check out their website at

Submitted by Suze Chaffinch