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Pursuant to the decision of 151st Diocesan Convention on the Bishop’s Address, the Constitution and Canons Task Force has been appointed to conduct a review of the Constitution and Canons of the diocese. The membership includes a broad cross-section of  skills, gifts, experience, history and training available in our diocese. The bishop will announce the chair and secretary of the Task Force  after consultation with the chancellor

Below are the names of the committee members:

Mr. Ernie Cornbrooks – Chancellor (

Mr. Regan Smith – Constitution and Canons Representative (

The Rev. David Michaud – Diocesan Council Representative – Clergy (

Mr. Tom Shuster – Diocesan Council Representative – Lay (

The Rev. Patricia Drost – Small Church Representative (

Ms. Nancy Dick – Standing Committee (

Mrs. April Reese – Rural Church Representative (

Mr. David Bryan – Former Chancellor (

Mr. David Booth Beers – Consultant (

Ms. Lynn McLain – Member and Delegate to 151st Diocesan Convention (

The Rev. Canon Patrick Collins – Staff Officer (