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GC81 Tuesday Highlights from Our Easton Team:

  • Recognized Camp Day by wearing our Camp Wright T-shirts during the sessions today,
  • Triennial budget adopted,
  • ECW recognized and celebrated for their 150th anniversary, 51st Triennial,
  • Consent agenda adopted,
  • House of Deputies President Julia Ayala Harris re-elected to a new term in a contested election,
  • Welcomed Navaho Nation as a Mission Diocese,
  • Continued working through the Legislative Agenda,

We held our Diocesan Deputies dinner last night with distinguished guests Rev. Canon Greg Straub, former Rector at Emmanuel/Chestertown, Rev. Margaret Brack, St. Alban’s Salisbury who is volunteering at the convention and The Very Rev. David Michaud who is assisting the Secretary of Convention’s staff. Conversation was free flowing, and many remembrances were shared.

Bishop San was not able to attend as the Presiding Bishop’s bishops dinner was held at the same time.

Of note, stand-by for a special announcement regarding Rev. Margaret Brack.

Wednesday Upcoming highlight:

Election of the next Presiding Bishop.

Check The Episcopal Church website for 81st General Convention updates in detail.