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Empower Me is a program developed by the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center and the Gunderson National Child Protection Training Center to teach children and adults about personal safety.

The Diocese of Easton’s Empower Me pilot presentation will take place at the Christ Church Easton Parish Hall (111 S. Harrison St. in Easton) from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Wednesday, May 22nd.  This presentation will provide parents & adults with a clear understanding of the program’s content and goals.

Click HERE to Register. (Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome).

The program focuses on teaching children four safety rules as well as the development of a safety net composed of five trusted adults to turn to if they are being asked to break one of those rules. The programs aim is to teach all children that they are special and deserve to be safe. The program has interactive components to assist children with applying the rules and developing their safety net.

Safety rules include:

o This teaches children to check in with the person taking care of them before they: get into a car, go into a house, accept a gift, let someone take their picture or help an adult seeking help.

o We talk about touches. Children are asked to think of touches in the context of “Is this touch keeping me clean and healthy? Am I allowed to talk about it?”

o We tell when we find out about anyone who is being hurt. WE ALWAYS GET A GROWN UP INVOLVED WHEN SOMEONE IS BEING HURT. We want to get help for people who are hurting. Always.

o This teaches children the difference between secrets vs. surprises.