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By Cherilyn Widell

The Historic Property Stewardship Committee comprised of Father Michael Lokey, Skip Wrightson and Cherilyn Widell has been busy collecting information to inform and help the parishes in the Diocese of Easton with the long term care of their historic buildings and cemeteries.

* Cherilyn Widell met with Mr. Arthur D. Leiby, Archivist of the Diocese to collect information about the history and background of the buildings. Further research on the Maryland Historical Trust website has revealed that over 35 of the 40 churches in the Diocese of Easton are listed on the National Register of have been determined eligible for listing.

* On April 23, Mr. Tuomi Forrest, Executive Vice President and Mr. Joshua Costano, Senior Program Manager of The Partners for Sacred Places in Philadelphia, PA presented results of an economic study completed by the organization about the economic “Halo Effect” of a church in a local community and how it acts as a de facto community center for a myriad of purposes. The committee is exploring further work with this organization.

* A list of possible funding sources for planning, studies and bricks and mortar projects has been compiled and may be obtained by contacting Cherilyn Widell at

*  A Preservation Plan for the Retreat Center at St. Paul’ s Church, Hillsboro has been completed by a team of experts from Philadelphia, Pa. including Daniel T. Campbell, Architect , Gary Gredell, Structural Engineer and Kristin Cardin, a stone conservator who evaluated the condition of the grave markers. This comprehensive document was completed with the help of a $15,500 grant from the Bartus Trew Fund . It includes an evaluation of the condition of the building with priorities for funding. The design for St. Paul’s and other parishes in the Diocese such as St. Andrew’s Chapel, Sudlersville and St. Andrew’s, Princess Anne was taken from Richard Upjohn’s book of plans for Episcopal churches entitled Upjohn’s Rural Architecture, which was published in 1852.  St. Paul’s was listed on the National Register in 1973.

For more information o r to obtain a copy of the Preservation Plan, contact Francie Thayer at

*  Joanne Fisher has organized an Episcopal Youth Event EYE group event to undergo training from a stone conservator to clean lichens from up to 100 selected grave markers in parish cemeteries this summer. The youth will be receiving a donation from the local cemetery funds to order to attend mission and youth events nationwide in exchange for their skilled labor. For more information contact Joanne Fisher, Youth Missioner.