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First, I want to express my sympathy and solidarity for those who have lost property and for those who have suffered injuries during the tornado, which struck Stevensville.  I want to assure everyone involved in this tragedy of the on-going prayers as the Episcopal Diocese of Easton stands with our sisters and brothers.  We will commit ourselves to assist in the relief of suffering.

I want to express my gratitude for the staff, standing committee, diocesan council and other leaders.  They have held the diocese together and helped us all to continue our mission in love.  I am grateful to have so many committed and talented people serving our diocese.

On a personal note: I wish to offer an update on my recent cardiac surgery.  I visited my cardiac surgeon yesterday (July 24th) and the report was nothing but positive.  He has cleared me to drive and also to return to work, depending upon how my body is responding.  He is very pleased with the healing process and is confident of a full recovery.

I begin therapy at Easton Memorial Hospital as of Wednesday July 26th.  The benefit of this process is to help me regain my strength and stamina.  This will also offer me an opportunity to have monitored rehabilitation therapy from well-trained and experienced medical professionals.  I am excited about this and I look forward to my continued healing through the rehab program.

It is my plan to return to the office after Labor Day weekend.  I will begin by returning on a half-day schedule in the mornings.  I plan on using the afternoons for resting and continued rehabilitation therapies.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, their cards of caring and concern and their patience in support of Lynn and myself.  And we wish and encourage you to continue praying.  We have felt the love, support and concern of our diocesan family throughout all of this experience.  We are confident that God is continuing to heal me and, by his power and anointing, I’m confident to continue ministry among the diocese.

I pray for God to continue blessing our diocese and our diocesan family.  And may the Good Lord continue to bless you and hold you close.