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The Bishop is pleased to welcome four new leaders serving at the Diocesan level. Below is more information about each one, along with a link to their resume.

John Dragone: On the advice of Standing Committee to look at the possibility of calling for a part-time lay person to fill the position of Canon to the Ordinary, I have invited John Dragone, St. Clement’s Parish, Massey, a faithful member of the diocese who has served extensively in many capacities within the diocese. He is familiar with the workings of the diocesan structure and polity, and more so has vast experience in dealing with the intricacies of state and national regulations. He will work a 24 hour work week.

Dr. Mark Hansen: He was offered the position of Part-time Latino Missioner. Mark has worked with and advocated  extensively for our Latino sisters and brothers. He has grown St. Clement’s Latino Ministry and in my opinion is doing exactly what is described in the diocese’s prospectus on Latino Ministry. I met with the vestry and vicar of the mission to inform them of the new model and spoke to the congregation. Everyone is in full agreement with the new model and individual invited to fill the position.

Dr. Lynn Wiljanen: Has agreed to join the Bishop’s Institute on the retirement of Dee Rinehart on December 31, 2022. Dr. Lynn and her husband Tom are faithful members of St. Mary the Virgin’s Parish, Pocomoke City. Lynn is pursuing the IONA program training for ordained ministry in the diocese.

Megan Timms: Finance Administrator to fill Art Kendall’s position effective January 1, 2023 (Charlie Bohn, Diocesan Treasurer, may be contacted with questions about the process used to select Megan).