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Dearly Beloved,

As we continue to prepare for the historic diocesan wide Closing Eucharist with our Presiding Bishop on Sunday, March 3, at the Hyatt Hotel, Cambridge, the Worship Committee and the Director of Music for the occasion is reaching out to encourage members of the diocesan family to join the Mass Choir currently in formation. It is an established tradition of our diocese to periodically organize a collation of gifted voices, and music enthusiasts to collaborate in producing magnificently melodious praises to God. On behalf of the Worship Committee, Amy Morgan, is extending an invitation to all who may wish to lend their talent to the Diocese of Easton Sesquicentennial Mass Choir.  

In addition, the committee is especially eager to encourage the many young talent across the diocese to join in promoting the youth presence in their musical renditions.  Please encourage your choristers, youth and members with a passion for singing to pay attention to the date, time and place for planned rehearsals as posted in the flyer.

Please advertise widely in the parish in every forum and media platform.

Thanks very much for your support!

Every blessing!