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Trevor Floyd will be traveling throughout the Diocese of Easton in order to visit with clergy, churches and altar guilds.  If you or your altar guild have any definite projects that are under consideration, now or in the near future; this would be a prime opportunity to have Trevor visit with you, at your church and consult on design.

We are a full service design house and can provide an abundant range of special design items, catalog goods, in both traditional and contemporary styles. We are not limited by any one designer or corporate product range. We are independent and have a very large pool of resources, that you can utilize.

As an Episcopal supply house and designer, we appreciate working with you and thank you for your support. We hope that we can assist you in enhancing your worship space.

Please visit my web site to see the quality of our work.

Let us know right away, if you would like a visit, so that we can add you to our schedule.


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