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Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council carries out the ministry priorities of the annual Diocesan Convention, so is, in effect, our “Convention in recess.” Council meets bi-monthly in Easton; terms are three years. Clergy and laity of the convocations are represented among its membership.

Membership List

Class of 2020:
Ms. Kaitlin Horvath, At-Large (Lay)
The Rev. Matthew D’Amario, At-Large (Clergy)
The Rev. Patricia Drost, Northern Convocation (Clergy)
Mrs. Suzanne Beyda, Middle Convocation (Lay)
Mr. Tom Shuster, Southern Convocation (Lay)

Class of 2021:
The Very Rev. Charlie Osberger, Middle Convocation (Clergy)
The Rev. John Schaeffer, At-Large (Clergy)
Dr. Lisa Webb, Vice-President, At-Large (Lay)
Dr. Mark Hansen, Northern Convocation (Lay)
Mr. Philip Tilghman, Southern Convocation (Lay)

Class of 2022:
The Rev. Frank St. Amour, At-Large (Clergy)
The Rev. David Michaud, Secretary, Southern Convocation (Clergy)
Mr. Richard Savington, Middle Convocation (Lay)
Mrs. Sandy Bjork, Northern Convocation (Lay)
Mrs. Debra Dragone, At-Large (Lay)

Adjunct Members:
Mrs. Laura McCarthy, Asst. Secretary
Mr. Art Kendall, Administrator of Finance
Mr. Charlie Bohn, Diocesan Treasurer
Mr. Ernest Cornbrooks, Chancellor
Mrs. Joanne Fisher, Diocesan Youth Missioner & Director of Communications
Ms. Lynn Anstatt, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop
Mr. Myron Richardson, Department of Finance, Chair
The Rev. Canon Patrick Collins, Canon to the Ordinary