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Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council carries out the ministry priorities of the annual Diocesan Convention, so is, in effect, our “Convention in recess.” Council meets bi-monthly in Easton; terms are three years. Clergy and laity of the convocations are represented among its membership.

Membership List

Class of 2019:
The Rev. Daniel Dunlap, Secretary, At-Large (Clergy)
The Very Rev. Dr. Frieda Malcolm, Southern Convocation (Clergy)
Dr. Nancy Hastings, Middle Convocation (Lay)
Mr. Richard Bogan, Northern Convocation (Lay)
Mrs. Sandy Wrightson, At-Large (Lay)

Class of 2020:
Ms. Kaitlin Horvath, At-Large (Lay)
The Rev. Matthew D’Amario, At-Large (Clergy)
The Rev. Patricia Drost, Northern Convocation (Clergy)
Mrs. Suzanne Beyda, Middle Convocation (Lay)
Mr. Tom Shuster, Southern Convocation (Lay)

Class of 2021:
The Very Rev. Charlie Osberger, Middle Convocation (Clergy)
The Rev. John Schaeffer, At-Large (Clergy)
Dr. Lisa Webb, Vice-President, At-Large (Lay)
Dr. Mark Hansen, Northern Convocation (Lay)
Mr. Philip Tilghman, Southern Convocation (Lay)

Adjunct Members:
Mr. Art Kendall, Administrator of Finance
Mr. Charlie Bohn, Diocesan Treasurer
Mr. Ernest Cornbrooks, Chancellor
Mrs. Joanne Fisher, Diocesan Youth Missioner & Director of Communications
Ms. Lynn Anstatt, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop
Mr. Myron Richardson, Deptartment of Finance, Chair
The Rev. Canon Patrick Collins, Canon to the Ordinary
Mr. Thomas Mendenhall, Standing Committee