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Diocesan Convention 2021

153rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Easton

Reimagine Church: Responding to God’s Mission in a Global Pandemic

(Isaiah 65:17; Revelation 21:5)

Saturday, March 6th, 2020

Resources from Convention 2021:

  1. What does this pandemic have to say to us about the future of your parish and the other parishes in your Convocation?
  2. How is this pandemic shaping and reshaping our relationships with each other?
  3. What kind of community do we want to become?
  4. What have been crucial and noteworthy learnings about ourselves these past 12 months of physical distancing with limited or no experience of Eucharist? 
  5. Do we want this pandemic to be over so that we can return to business as usual?
  6. Are the compassionate acts such as maintaining regular contact with parishioners, especially our home care family members, just a temporary reality?
  7. What do we want more of?
  8. How do we maintain the community that we are establishing during this period as/or when we transition back to physical contact with one another?
  9. How do we plan to transition? Both in-person and hybrid worship?
  10. Do we want something? – Resuscitation or Resurrection (Clergy were given the text of the presentation on the difference between these two description of church)

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Downloadable Materials for Convention Attendees:

The Episcopal Church of the Eastern Shore of Maryland gathers once a year to govern the parishes that make up the Diocese of Easton. We worship, we celebrate, we listen, we speak, we debate, and we vote. It is an important event with much work that needs to be done. It is also where the Bishop makes his annual address. Diocesan Convention is a balance between being the church and dreaming the church, and there is a time and place for both.

Each church in the Diocese selects delegates and alternates to represent them, along with clergy, on behalf of their parish. Delegates and canonically resident clergy are authorized to vote.  All these individuals participate in the 2021 Convention via zoom meeting.  Others are welcome to watch the livestream on the Episcopal Diocese of Easton Facebook page as non-voting guests.

ONLY INDIVIDUALS WITH VOICE AND/OR VOTE SHOULD COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION. This includes clergy, delegates, and alternates. We will be collecting important information through the registration process that will help us communicate with you and run a smooth virtual convention. Please send this link to those registering (