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Diocesan Convention 2021

153rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Easton
Reimagine Church: Responding to God’s Mission in a Global Pandemic
(Isaiah 65: 17; Revelation 21: 5)

March 6, 2021 Virtual Convention

Click Here for the Convention 2021 Home Page

ONLY INDIVIDUALS WITH VOICE AND/OR VOTE AT CONVENTION ARE TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION. This includes canonically resident clergy, lay delegates, and all alternates and those given seat and voice  by canon. If you are not sure whether or not you need to register please contact Lynn at the Diocesan Office.

All others are invited to view the event through the Diocesan Facebook page.

The information collected through the registration process that will help us communicate with you and run a smooth virtual convention.

Please Complete the Following THREE Things Prior to Convention:

  • Primary Registration through ACS linked here. This link will first take you to a review of the Rules of Order. At the bottom of that page will be a link to begin registration during which you will vote YES or NO to approve the rules of order. Although you may “continue as guest” we encourage you to set up a password so that our system can remember you in the future.  Questions about ACS Registration may be directed to the Diocesan Office.
    • Vote on the Slate of Nominees between February 24th & March 4th. All voting clergy and delegates for whom we have an email address are being entered into Election Buddy. On Wednesday, February 24th you will receive an email from election buddy (it will have “Patrick Collins” in the From field) with step-by-step instructions to vote (you may need to check your spam folder). Questions about election buddy may be directed to Kaitlin Horvath.

All correspondence and materials will be sent electronically, primarily through email. You may also check the Convention 2021 Home Page for information as it becomes available.

If anyone in your delegation does not have access to reliable internet or a device through which to access the convention, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring parish to remedy this issue.  For ideas or assistance please feel free to contact the office.