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The Diocese of Easton was established as a free-standing diocese of the Episcopal Church 150 years ago, in October 1868. This year we will be commemorating the sesquicentennial anniversary of its establishment with a series of inspirational, missional, spiritual and educational events. The Sesquicentennial Anniversary Committee will commend three major focus areas to be the central themes guiding and sustaining the overall essence of what the diocese views as its primary purpose as a Church founded by God. The three major themes are: RECONCILIATION, LOVE and HOPE.

Faith is the Christian virtue and Missional imperative that has underscored our life and existence as a viable and visible presence of Jesus Christ on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is this virtue that has shaped and inspired the church’s consistent effort to lead God’s people to the good news in Jesus, and to hold on to the promise and conviction that faith in God prevails over and above the difficult circumstances (fate) that present themselves.

Our friend, Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) is a classical illustration of someone who was frustrated and discontent with his condition in life as a blind person and desired a change in that status. He wasn’t prepared to let his circumstance define his life forever, and to this end he did something dramatic about it. Defying the taunt and ridicule of the nearby crowd he reached out to Jesus in faith and the fate of his life was redeemed forever.

This is the objective the church holds before the people of God that reminds the world of the power and authority of God to transform the circumstances of life. This happens by faith if we, in humility, are prepared to reach out to God in confidence and joyful expectation.

The Sesquicentennial (150th) Diocesan Convention calls this diocese to a new way of thinking that defies what can sometimes become lethargy and paralysis in our life as a church. We are called to a renewed and revived spirit of joyful expectation in Jesus. A Jesus who beckons us to come walk with him in faith on the Jericho Road – leading to new birth, new beginning, new hope and dreams fulfilled.
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