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We continue to pray for our nation.  For the conversion of hearts and minds toward a more Christ-like and humanitarian response to people of all cultures, ethnicities, creeds, and identities. 

Looking Beyond the Physical to a God who Cares

“The trouble with this world is that the many signs of God are so splendid that we easily mistake them for God. Falling in love is an example of this, in which we say, “This is enough for me. My love is truly divine and I need look no further!” While acknowledging the beauty and wonder of such things, Augustine reminds us that we must go beyond them to the one who made them wonderful. The good things in life are not meant to be our goal: they are rather arrows encouraging us to go further in our search for God.” [Day by Day with Saint Augustine, 136]

Creator God,
you have made us
not in one mould, but in many:
so deepen our unity in Christ
that we may rejoice in our diversity.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Redeemer.  Amen.
[New Zealand Prayer Book, 615]