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The diocesan Recovery Ministry team would like to remind you that September is National Recovery month. Many counties of the eastern shore, observe this month through Project Purple, a program which we have strongly supported from the outset. This annual observance presents a good opportunity for us to think about how this disease is impacting our society, families, and even ourselves. You will be hearing a lot about addiction and recovery in the next few weeks. Sadly the incidence of alcoholism and addiction has seen a dramatic increase during the pandemic. We, the church, can be a positive force for change, We can invite those suffering from the disease of alcoholism/addiction into our midst to find acceptance, love, and the spiritual renewal and strength that can be found in faith. The truth is that if addiction does not start out of a spiritual deficiency/disease it quickly becomes one. Addiction is a deadly disease that attacks the very core/essence of who we are. In other words, it attacks our spirit. This disease has a major impact on spiritual life through attacking the relationships among self, others, and God. Consequently, restoring a healthy spiritual life is critical to the recovery from the disease. Bill W. understood this when he was constructing the 12-step program “after a while we had to face the fact that we must find a spiritual life – or else.” (The Big Book pg. 44) The 12-steps are a spiritual journey. We invite you and your parish to use this time to learn more about addiction and recovery. You may wish to hold a forum or conduct a service around the theme of recovery. Resources can be found on the Diocesan Recovery Ministry webpage.
The Recovery Ministry committee – The Rev. Kevin Cross, Chaplain Eugene Drayton,
The Rev. Deacon Jim Kamihachi, The Rev. John Schaeffer, The Very Rev. Henry Sabetti