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Diocesan Leadership Retreat

The Diocesan Council and Standing Committee held a retreat over zoom to review the ten components in Parousia. Guests on the retreat included leadership of the ten components, the Archdeacon, Bishop’s staff, and Convocation Deans. The Bishop presented briefly on the history and impetus for Parousia as well as retreat goals (linked here) before the leaders of each component gave their status report and next steps. This review and three-year assessment resulted in a recommitment to the vision. Timely and healthy ideas were offered to strengthen and vigorously pursue the work already done in all the areas especially Camp Wright, Stewardship, Evangelism and Discipleship, Children, Youth and Family ministry, Revisioning the Neighborhood Church and Latino Ministry. Participants committed to continue working to realize the Mission of God in the diocese and to call others to engage the work of mission and ministry.