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Volunteer Opportunities for General Convention
July 7th to July 14th in Baltimore, MD

General Convention is the gathering of the entire Episcopal Church. It is very similar to our annual parish meetings and to our annual diocesan conventions in that it is the time when the entire organization elects leaders, discusses issues important to the whole body, makes legislative decisions based on those discussions and networks together. This event happens only once every three years.

With General Convention happening in Baltimore from July 7th to July 14th, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many members of the Diocese of Easton to have an opportunity to see how the wider Episcopal Church functions and worships together. For more information about General Convention itself please see the following website:

Sharon Nachman is a friend of our diocese and was a huge help when we put together our 150th Celebration at the Hyatt in Cambridge a few years ago. She has reached out asking for assistance and volunteers at the upcoming General Convention in Baltimore.

Sharon is looking for 20-24 altar guild members to serve at each of the three (3) or four (4) worship services which will take place during General Convention. She is also looking for members of our local altar guilds to be available at the National Altar Guild table in the exhibit hall. This is a wonderful opportunity for members of our altar guilds to meet and share ideas and best practices with altar guilds from across the Episcopal Church. To specifically volunteer for the Altar Guild, please contact Sharon Nachman.

In addition, the Diocese of Maryland is looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of ways with other parts of General Convention. Here is an announcement from our friends in the Diocese of Maryland:

General Convention Volunteers Needed July 5-14, 2022

Volunteers recruited from the Diocese of Maryland and its neighboring dioceses, who welcome guests and support the logistical work of the General Convention, have an opportunity to learn about the structure and governance of The Episcopal Church. In addition to experiencing the gathering of The Episcopal Church, volunteers who contribute their time have the chance to meet people from around The Episcopal Church and connect with those in other dioceses whom they would not have otherwise met.

The opportunities for volunteering in this way are numerous and the easiest way to get started is to click here!